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Custom Packaging Options

Set your business apart with customized packaging

While our standard packing options let your customers know the items were packed professionally and with care, you may want to set your business apart with custom packing options. We offer a full range of solutions and if you don’t see what you need, just ask and we may be able to create a solution just for your business.

Standard Shipping Box/Bag

Included in your fulfillment rate is a professionally packed box or bag which includes:

  • Plain brown box or white poly shipping bag
  • Clear 3" tape on the boxes
  • Void fill such as kraft paper, air bags or peanuts as needed
  • 2.5" thermal printed receipt that has your name, logo and returns policy
  • Get fulfillment pricing by clicking here

Custom Packing Options

Cost Provided by you Supplied by Shipvine

Use your own custom printed boxes

  • Have your own shipping box or bag design delivered to Shipvine
  • While we don't make boxes for you, we can recommend local box manufacturers
  • Custom boxes and bags must be pre-approved by Shipvine
  • We will store a reasonable amount at no charge


Custom tape and/or stickers applied to box

  • Have your own design delivered to Shipvine
  • Tape must be 3” wide
  • Custom tape must be pre-approved by Shipvine
  • Kraft tape (tape that requires moistening) will be charged $1,250 setup fee for additional equipment
  • You must supply your own stickers for placement on the outside of the package

$0.00 to supply your own tape
$.25 / each for stickers to be applied to the outside of a box

Post cards, flyers, catalogs, stickers, etc.

  • We’ll add in any paper material to each order you choose
  • An order can have an unlimited number of inserts
  • Great way to add extra marketing material such as coupons and sales flyers
  • Inserts can be customized to the type of order; for example, B2B orders might not receive a postcard
  • An estimated inventory is kept of your inserts so you know when to reorder


($15 minimum per month)

Tote, dust, or drawstring bags

  • Add value to your brand by giving your customers a free bag such a tote bag
  • Provide us your requirements for which orders or products receive the free bag
  • Have your supplier deliver the bags to us
  • An estimated inventory is kept so you know when to reorder

+ $.25/each if items are inserted into bag

($15 minimum per month)

Tissue paper

  • Items can be wrapped in tissue paper
  • Supply your own paper or have Shipvine use generic white paper
  • Tissue paper can be held together with tape or a custom sticker that you supply at an additional charge
  • A custom sticker or tape can be applied at additional cost

+ $.20/each if tissue paper is to have a sticker applied

($15 minimum per month if you supply your own custom paper)

Gift boxes

  • We can either include the gift box with the order or for additional charge place items into the gift boxes
  • Simple have your custom gift boxes delivered to Shipvine
  • You can choose which orders receive the gift boxes
  • Please note: We do not gift wrap orders, but in certain cases can apply a bow. Please contact us for more information

+ $.30/each for items to be placed inside of gift box

($15 minimum per month)

Fully customized packing slips / receipts

  • Custom packing slip based on your design (PDF required)
  • Full color or black and white
  • 8.5” x 11” size only, duplex or single sided
  • Different packing slips can be used for certain orders
  • $250 one time setup fee per design
  • Learn more about paperwork options here

$.10/page black and white
$.35/page full color

Fully customized on demand printing

  • Print a fully customized flyer for each order using data from the order or metadata supplied by our API
  • Create custom flyers to suggest other products your customer may be interested in
  • Provide a custom coupon for your customer to use on their next purchase
  • Provide special installation instructions for products requiring assembly or setup
  • 8.5” x 11” size only, duplex or single sided, as many pages as you need
  • $500 One time setup fee per design

$.10/page black and white
$.35/page full color