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Fulfillment Pricing

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Shipvine pricing is simple and affordable. With our pricing, you get same day shipping by noon, highly accurate fulfillment and top notch customer service at no charge.

  • $001 per item

    Inbound Rate

    • For each item scanned
    • 24-72 hours average check-in
    • Expedited check-in available for additional charge
    • $.20/item for barcoding if products arrive with no barcodes
    • While using a UPC barcode is preferred, any readable unique barcode will work
  • $050 cubic foot

    Storage Rate

    • NO bin charge
    • NO pallet charge
    • Storage fees are per item
    • Charged once per month based on daily average
    • Minimum of $.0125 per product
    • Calculated by L x W x H / 1728 x $.50

    Length: Width: Height:

    Storage Fee: $0.06 /month per item


  • $2 per order

    Fulfillment Rate

    • Shipping box/bag & void fill included
    • noon Eastern cut-off standard shipping
    • 2 PM Eastern cut-off expedited shipping
    • Thermal printed receipt included
    • Custom packing options are available
    • Per item charge is in addition to the $2
    • Per item rate calculated on the average size of the product

    Length: Width: Height:

    Fulfillment Rate: $2 + $.25 /item


Note: Prices are estimates. Actual pricing will be verified by Shipvine. Prices are subjected to additional warehouse fees which may or may not pertain to you.

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Common questions about pricing

I'm a small shipper, Do you have any minimums?

Yes, there is a $500/minimum spend per month; however, we do offer a 120-day ramp up period. The minimum includes all inbounds, storage, fulfillment, and shipping.

Does the fulfillment rate include the noon cut-off?

Yes, the price includes the noon Eastern cut-off for orders less than 30 units. We do have options after noon for same day shipping at an additional cost.

If I send you 5,000 items how much will the receiving fees be?

If they are 5,000 individual items with barcodes, $50. If they are 5 cases of 1,000 identical units with a case quantity barcode you'd only be charged $.05.

Does the fulfillment price include shipping?

No, shipping is extra. We offer most services from FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL. You can bill to your account or use our discounted rates, which vary from service to service.

How much is the expedited check-in?

This service is based on demand on the warehouse and the size of the inbound shipment, so pricing changes throughout the day. It starts at around $25 for a smaller shipment.

Why don't you charge by the pallet or bin like other warehouses?

Charging by the pallet or bin is a good way to charge you for space you're not actually using. We charge per unit, so you're only billed for what's being used, which is more fair pricing.

My items are larger so storage seems high. Why is that?

We're a small package fulfillment company specializing in smaller items, such as clothing and consumer goods. We shy away from larger products as they cost more to store, pick, package and ship.

If I use my own custom packaging is there an extra charge or discount?

There is no additional charge for using your own boxes or bags, however, there is not discount either. When you use your own shipping bags and boxes, it adds to the complexity of the fulfillment, thus offsetting the cost of the packaging.

This rate is higher / lower than what I currently pay, why is that?

We have priced our service to give you advanced technology, top notch customer service, same day shipping and accuracy rates of 99.99% or better.

I'm a Kickstarter or one-time shipper, do you do that?

Yes, we do one-time shipments, but the minimum is 500 ORDERS and the account must be prepaid. Contact our sales department for more information.