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If you're looking for a quote or just want to find out more about Shipvine and our services fill out the form below. Sales reps are typically available Monday through Friday 9 AM till 5 PM Eastern. All information is kept confidential and won't be sold or shared.

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Things to consider before contacting Shipvine:

Shipvine caters to small and midsize businesses that need customized shipping solutions, high accuracy rates, on-time shipping and individualized customer service.

Shipvine welcomes well-funded startups and small businesses; however we do require a minimum of $500/month revenue per account. Otherwise, a maintenance fee of the difference will apply. This fee is waived the first 120 days.

Shipvine Logistics requires all "one-time" shippers such as Kickstarter campaigns to prepay for shipping. For convenience, these orders have the option to be submitted via CSV file. Account maintenance fees do not apply to one-time shippers.

Shipvine does not ship:

  • Live plants or animals
  • Materials considered hazardous
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Food and food products
  • Other items may be restricted on a case-by-case basis