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About Shipvine

and our Richmond, Virginia facility

Our History

Our story starts June of 2000 in Blacksburg, Virginia when a recent Virginia Tech graduate opened an online clothing store. To compete with larger businesses, systems and techniques were developed to make the process simple, accurate and efficient.

The clothing business rapidly grew and in 2007 was moved from Blacksburg, Virginia to just outside of Richmond, Virginia in Ashland, VA for better access to airports and the I95 corridor. By this time, we had 7 years of e-commerce experience and had noticed a major issue – not caused by us, but rather most of our vendors.

We were having trouble getting inventory to keep up with the demand of the business. More often than not, the shipments were missing items, wrong items were shipped, or we even received the completely wrong orders. To make matters worse the lead times on these orders were sometimes 2-3 weeks, which is a lifetime when you’re out of stock.

The constant mistakes and issues led to discussions on how our systems worked and why it was better than outdated warehouse methods used by the warehouses our vendors utilized. By 2007, one vendor was so fed up with their current warehouse, they asked if we could ship for them and that was the start of what later would become Shipvine.

Year after year we slowly added more customers, completely by word of mouth. By 2012 revenue for our side shipping business grew larger than the clothing store. At that point, a name was chosen and Shipvine was spun off into a totally separate business.

By 2015, Shipvine had expanded so much that it needed a new home and the decision was made to sell off the clothing business. By July of 2015, Shipvine had relocated to the historic Manchester area of Richmond, Virginia.

Our Building

Our warehouse is approximately 70,000 sq ft located in the historic Manchester area of Richmond, Virginia. What used to be a feed and seed warehouse has now been repurposed as a modern high tech fulfillment center. Our building features all of the modern amenities you would expect in a warehouse:

  • Masonry and steel construction
  • Metal insulated Roof
  • Covered bay doors
  • 100% fully sprinkled
  • Security system
  • Video surveillance
  • Secured keypad access
  • Energy efficient and natural lighting
  • Partially climate controlled

Our commitment to the environment

We are just as concerned about the environment as you are, so we’re working towards a zero landfill goal and helping create a greener environment right here in Richmond. Here’s how we’re doing our part:

  • All new energy efficient T8 lighting and skylights
  • Commitment to replace all T12 office lights with LED lighting by end of 2019 including all exit lighting
  • Replace all outdoor lighting with LED lighting by end of summer 2019
  • Nearly all cardboard is sent for recycling
  • All pallets are reused or repurposed - as seen in the image to the right, where a feature wall was created
  • Employee drink cans, bottles, paper and plastic recycling program
  • We have replaced a full size dumpster with only 4 city trashcans
  • Spring of 2017 we planted 10 new trees, 12 large bushes and wild flowers as part of our Green Up program on our property
  • Low water use toilets were installed in 2015 to reduce water usage
  • No paper is used for picking / processing of orders
  • Customers can opt for no receipt for a paperless order
  • Most of the cardboard boxes used in the warehouse are from recycled material