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Connect your existing site to Shipvine

Integration with the most popular platforms

Connecting your website to Shipvine is simple. You can do it yourself or let us do the installation for you. We’re here every step of the way to assist you in getting up and running quickly. As soon as the connection is made, you’re ready to ship with Shipvine.

EDI Processors

Order Management Systems

E-commerce & More

  • Shopify

  • Amazon

  • Ebay

  • BigCommerce

  • WooCommerce

  • Squarespace

  • Magento

  • 3dcart

  • AmeriCommerce

  • Wix

  • Returnly

  • Quickbooks

  • B2BGateway

  • SpringSystems

  • SPSCommerce

We can accept industry standard EDI documents via FTPS as well. Learn more in our help center. 

  • ApparelMagic

  • TradeGecko

  • NetSuite

  • BrandBoom

  • ShipStation

  • DSCO

  • StitchLabs

  • Dear

  • iSync

  • Aims360

  • StoneEdge

  • RevCascade

  • Cin7

  • Xorosoft

  • Agiliron

  • Brightpearl

Don't see yours? It's possible we can connect to other systems not listed. Contact us to learn more

Ideal setup for business with 2 or fewer sales channels

If you’re selling on 1 or 2 sales channels, a more cost effective solution for your growing business is the way to go. Using the Shipvine Sync system, you can connect multiple sales channels to us for automated or semi-automated order processing and fulfillment.

At predetermined time intervals, Shipvine Sync will communicate with your shopping cart to receive orders. It will also update the cart with inventory levels and tracking information on orders that have shipped since the last sync.

Orders will be automatically analyzed to verify stock, standardize shipping addresses, and perform other checks. Once the order ships, tracking information is available in real time.

Shopify, Bigcommerce or other channel such as Amazon.

Shipvine Sync

Your Shopping Cart

Shipvine Logistics


Ideal setup for business with complex sales channels

If you’re looking to sell on multiple channels and sell B2B and B2C, a more robust order management system will save you time. While this setup is more expensive, the time savings and ease of use make sense for fast-growing companies or companies with a large volume of orders and/or SKUs.

A. B2C channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or Amazon. You can also connect B2B channels such as Apparel Magic.

B. You may also need EDI for customers like big box retailers such as Macy's, Home Depot and Nordstrom.

A. Using software such as Stitch Labs, Bright Pearl, or Trade Gecko to manage your multiple sales channels in one place

B. You can also use, for example, an EDI provider, such as B2B Gateway that can talk directly to our system or your multi-channel software.

Shipvine Sync will run at predetermined time intervals to receive orders from your multi-channel software using available APIs.

Shipvine will receive the orders from our Sync service. The orders will be processed and tracking information will be sent back to your multi-channel order system via Shipvine Sync. Inventory levels and other data can also be pulled from Logistics and shared with your systems.

Your order channels

Your multi-channel management system

Shipvine Sync & Logistics


Shipvine API for custom-built systems

If you need a custom solution, our API is for you.

You can connect directly to Shipvine Logistics via our REST API.

Shipvine will receive the orders from your customized software. Information such as stock levels and tracking information can be queried from Shipvine Logistics as needed.

Your custom-developed solution

Shipvine Logistics


Get started now! 

Sale Rep

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