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Returns Processing

We make returns easy for you and your customers


Customer sends back return

It's up to you how you want to have your customer return items:

  • The customer can determine their own way of shipping it back, or

  • They can be given a prepaid label included with their order, or

  • They can have a prepaid labeled sent by you as a PDF generated from our platform, or

  • Use Returnly to make returns super simple for your customers


We receive and process

We will receive your your return and process it

  • You can receive an email notice whenever a return is processed

  • We'll make note of any defective products

  • We may scan or take pictures of products for your reference

  • Items that need repacking, steaming, hang tags, etc. are processed for an additional fee


Returned to inventory

Products that are not defective and like new are put back into inventory

  • Defective, worn, washed items can be returned to you or can be discarded

Increase customer satisfaction

You can make returns easy by providing a peel-off label so the customer can just pack up the item, place a label, and drop it off. 


You aren't billed for shipping unless the customer uses the label, so there are no upfront postage costs. Plus we can provide prepaid labels from USPS, UPS, and FedEx so you can decide who best fits your customers needs. 


Engage with your customers using Returnly


A fully-branded and customizable returns center

  • Automatically approve returns

  • Smart return policies and order refunds

  • Give shoppers Returnly Credit to buy again immediately

  • Returnly pays for the items on behalf of the shopper

  • Orders made by Returnly are fulfilled right away

Visit Returnly to learn more. Pricing available on the Returnly web site. 

Contact us to learn more!

Contact a knowledgeable Shipvine sales rep to answer all of your questions

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