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Have a Shipvine sales rep contact you

If you're looking for a quote or just want to find out more about Shipvine and our services fill out the form below. Sales reps are typically available Monday through Friday 9 AM till 5 PM Eastern. All information is kept confidential and won't be sold or shared.

We're accepting new clients for 2024!

We have expanded and are now accepting new clients for the first time since 2022!

  • Average of 250 orders per month minimum.

  • Max number of sku's depends on order volume. Contact us for details.  

Things to consider before contacting Shipvine:

Shipvine caters to small and midsize businesses that need customized shipping solutions, high accuracy rates, on-time shipping and individualized customer service.

Shipvine welcomes well-funded startups and small businesses; however we do require a minimum of $250/month of fulfillment fees per account. Otherwise, a maintenance fee of the difference will apply. This fee is waived the first 4 months.

Shipvine Logistics requires all "one-time" shippers such as Kickstarter campaigns to prepay for shipping. For convenience, these orders have the option to be submitted via CSV file. Minimum kickstarter campaigns 2,000 orders.

Shipvine does not ship:

  • Live plants or animals

  • Materials considered hazardous

  • Firearms and ammunition

  • Alcohol and tobacco products including vaping

  • Perishable food products

  • Large items such as TV's and furniture 

  • Most fragile items including pottery and glass items

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