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Easy B2B Wholesale Shipping

Wholesale shipping with the click of a button

Multi-Box and Pallet Shipping

We make shipping large orders as easy as small orders. With Shipvine you can easily create a shipment for your wholesale customers with ease whether it be 5 units or 50,000.

Packed according to your requirements or routing guide

Individual box labels and packing slips

Can be palletized or shipped ground with a multi-box discount

Fast accurate picking and shipping

International or domestic shipping

Vast Shipping Methods

Shipping via LTL, Freight, or Ground based on your needs. We handle all of the paperwork saving you time and money.

Retail Store Replenishment

We can keep your retail and web stock in one location. When your retail location runs low we can replenish the stock quickly.

Chargeback Avoidance

We can follow your vendor routing guides so your shipment arrives correctly avoiding costly chargebacks.

Quick Shipping

Larger orders usually ship within 1-3 business days.

Details Matter

With Shipvine you’ll be able to find the information you need quickly and easily for every shipment. For multi-box shipments, this becomes very important when you need to know exactly what each box contains.

Tracking information and shipping method provided for each box

Box size and weight for each parcel is recorded for easy auditing

Contents of each box is noted in case of missing package or other mishaps

Generate PDF packing slips to email to your customers

Create a duplicate shipment in only a few clicks for quick reordering

Track packages right from Shipvine

Easily add an SSCC label

If you’re shipping to customers such as Amazon, Target, & Macy’s you may be required to have a serial shipping container code label on your boxes. No need to worry, we can generate those for you. Just provide us with your GS1 prefix and we’ll take care of the rest.

Case quantity and/or single item shipping mixed inventory

For wholesale and large volume shipping we can pick as single items using a UPC or by a case quantity barcode. This allows you to have all of your sales channels sharing inventory. Case quantities sold for wholesale can be broken down into single items for your web orders. This system also allows you to have inner packs giving you virtually unlimited options.

Multi channel sales from traditional to EDI and API

Plus, you can have custom paperwork for each sales channel

If you drop ship for a customer, sell online and sell wholesale you may need up to 3 different paperwork options. We can customize a solution to take care of all of your sales channels.

Paper, phone, fax, email sales can be entered into our cloud-based web interface. This is how, for example, a sales rep might want to enter an order for shipping or let’s say a package was damaged during shipping and a replacement needs to be shipped out.

EDI orders from for example department stores can be sent to Shipvine by a 3rd party EDI processor such as B2B Gateway. These could be drop ship or wholesale orders.

Web site and internal ordering system can utilize our API with a simple XML-based request. You may want to have a more consumer friendly packing slip and include a return label.

Vast shipping options for your business

We’ve thought of every option your business will need for shipping - including COD, bill to the recipient, and even custom packing slips. If you have customers who have to have shipments a certain way, rest assured that Shipvine can handle it.

Have a friendly Shipvine sales rep contact you! If you're ready to learn more, get a quote or make the move to Shipvine, we want to hear from you.

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