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Fulfillment Pricing

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Shipvine pricing is simple and affordable. With our pricing, you get same day shipping by noon, highly-accurate fulfillment and top notch customer service.

  • $000 per shipment

    Inbound Rate

    • When packaged 1 SKU per box
    • Tracking - OR - SSCC number must be entered before arrival
    • Expedited check-in available for additional charge
    • $.20/item for barcoding if products arrive with no barcodes
    • While using a UPC barcode is preferred, any readable unique barcode will work
    • Container shipments have additional charges listed below
  • $050 cubic foot/item

    Storage Rate

    • NO bin charges
    • Storage fees are per item
    • Charged once per month based on daily average
    • Minimum of $.0125 per product
    • Minimum of $.10 per SKU
    • Calculated by L x W x H / 1728 x $.50

    Length: Width: Height:

    Storage Fee: $0.06 /month per item


  • $2 per order + $.25/unit

    Fulfillment Rate

    • 12 PM Eastern cut-off standard shipping
    • 2 PM Eastern cut-off expedited shipping (1 & 2 day air)
    • Up to 3 PM cut-off for additional charge
    • Custom packing options are available
    • Items over 5 lbs are an additional $.10/pound
    • Fragile items are an additional $.50/item
    • Corrugated boxes billed at market rate. Poly mailers or padded mailers included at no charge

Prices are estimates. Actual pricing will be verified by Shipvine and is subject to change. Pricing may vary for new and existing customers.


  • Returns are processed at $2 per return plus $.50 per item
  • Items needing folding, ironing, steaming or repackaging $2/item
  • Non-salable items can be returned to you or disposed
  • Learn more about returns processing by clicking here

Send returns to:
[Your Company Name] c/o Shipvine
Attn: Returns Manager
2200 Decatur Street
Richmond, VA 23224-3716
Phone +1-804-433-3127

Inbound Shipment Fees

$0 Receiving

No charge for shipments properly prepared

  • An inbound shipment (ASN) must be entered before shipment arrives
  • Each box must contain only 1 SKU unless it's a master carton containing additional boxes with individual SKUs - OR - clearly separated sku's with bags or other dividers
  • Tracking information for each box must be entered and match the items or a SSCC label must be generated for each box for pallet/container shipments
  • All products must have a valid barcode
  • Good faith acceptance of quantity for each box based on the tracking or SSCC label
  • You can generate SSCC labels from your Shipvine account in PDF form to send to your supplier

$2/Box Receiving

Some shipments need more attention

  • Shipments that contain boxes with mixed SKUs
  • Shipments that are missing barcodes or need to be repacked
  • Shipments that contain products with missing data such as barcodes
  • Shipments arriving with incomplete or no inbound information, such as tracking or SSCC codes
  • Minimum charge $10

Additional Handling

Some products need more attention

  • Labor rate for bagging: All selling units or SKUs must be individually packaged in either a bag or box. Any product shipped “loose” or “flat” will automatically be bagged without notice
  • Labor rate for repacking: Fragile items or items otherwise not ready for e-commerce fulfillment will be repacked at additional charge without notice
  • $.20/label for barcoding: All selling units or SKUs must be barcoded with either a UPC (recommended) or another barcode type that is unique to that SKU. Any item arriving without barcodes or with barcodes that do not scan reliably with industry-standard barcode scanners will be automatically barcoded unless prior arrangements are made
  • Products must have obvious markings as to SKU or product name for identification. Shipments that have no markings will be returned.
  • Inbounds that need to be folded/repacked will be processed as a return at $2/item + $50 handling fee
  • Shipments that arrive at Shipvine with no inbound shipment (ASN) entered will be assessed a $30 research fee

Container Unload Fees

No Charge

Palletized and ready to unload

  • All items must be shipped on standard pallets and properly wrapped
  • You must schedule container ahead of time and ship during a non-blackout period
  • Proper notice of shipment can be entered on your inbound shipment (ASN) with the container number, estimated port arrival and date

Manual Unload

Containers that are manually packed

  • $550 for 40 foot
  • $350 for 20 foot

Additional Handling Charges

Some products need more attention

  • Containers leaving European ports require 20 days notice
  • Containers leaving all other ports including Asian and Indian ports require 25 days notice
  • Your freight company must schedule delivery of your container directly with Shipvine
  • Containers not scheduled for delivery have an additional $500 unload fee
  • Containers arriving from November 15-December 31st have an additional $500 unload fee
  • Containers, if accepted, from Thanksgiving day through December 10th have an additional $2,500 unload fee.

Inbound Shipments

It is important to address your shipments correctly. Make sure all duties and taxes are prepaid on international shipments. If you must add a name to a shipment, always use "Inbound Manager"; never use an employee's name. Shipments arriving with duties due will either be returned or, if paid, a 10% handling charge will be added. For international shipments, Shipvine is the Ultimate Consignee and not the responsible party.


Your shipment will be routed to the correct place with no issues:

[Your Company Name] c/o Shipvine
Attn: Inbound Manager
2200 Decatur Street
Richmond, VA 23224-3716
Phone +1-804-433-3127


Make sure your company name is listed. This will help identify your shipment:

[Your Company Name]
Inbound Manager
2200 Decatur Street
Richmond, VA 23224-3716
Phone +1-804-433-3127


Never use an employee's name. There is a $30/box charge for inbounds arriving addressed to an individual.

[Employee Name]
2200 Decatur Street
Richmond, VA 23224
Phone +1-804-433-3127

Shipping Fees

Other shipping fees

  • Non-automated shipments incur a $5 domestic/$10 international handling fee or are billed at the secretarial rate, whichever is greater
  • A 10% fee is added to the cost of shipping for use of our DHL, FedEx or UPS accounts outside of Shipvine (such as on a handwritten waybill), for using Shipvine as a broker
  • All shipping charges are audited by Shipvine which may result in shipping price adjustments, either higher or lower than originally quoted
  • COD shipments: Additional $5/parcel
  • Cross-dock shipments: $150/shipment plus $25/pallet - Small package shipments: $25/packages
  • USPS Return labels: cost of return postage plus $.50
  • Wholesale B2B fulfillment requests that require following routing guides or aggregating multiple fulfillment requests into a single physical shipment will have an additional processing fee. For freight shipments, the fee is $95 per bill of lading. For small parcel shipments, the fee is $10 per fulfillment request plus $10 per box, with a maximum fee of $95.

3rd Party Billing

  • Shipvine allows for occasional 3rd party shipments; however, most shipments must be shipped through Shipvine. Amazon and other 3rd party drop shipping is excluded from this provision
  • $0.50 surcharge per domestic per box
  • $15 penalty per shipment for invalid or unauthorized 3rd party billing account numbers

Other Fees

Labor Rates

  • Custom Programming/IT Services: $275/hour in 15-minute intervals
  • Secretarial Services: $60/hour in 30-minute intervals
  • General Labor Services: $40/hour in 15-minute intervals

Long-Term Storage Rates

Individual units have storage fees increased from the standard $0.50/cubic foot when aged according to the following schedule:

  • $1.50/cubic foot after 1 year
  • $3.00/cubic foot after 3 years
  • $5.00/cubic foot after 5 years

Avoid these fees by stocking only what you can sell or turn over within a year.


  • Inserts and other custom packing option pricing can be found here
  • Labeling: $.20 each
  • Product package modification/hang tags/hangers/bagging: General labor rate
  • Expedited fulfillment services after noon: pricing based on volume
  • Expedited inbound receiving services: pricing based on volume
  • Cancellation of requests in any state other than Validated or Assignable: $2.50 + $.50 per unit in the request
  • Manual entry of orders via fax or email: $9.00 per request
  • Items donated, destroyed, trashed or recycled: Labor rate plus haul away fees
  • Address correction fee: $10
  • Invalid 3rd Party billing account $15 per correction

Minimum Fees

There is a minimum of $250/month spend for clients starting service after January 1, 2019. You are given a ramp up period before the fee starts. Customers not spending $250/month will be billed the difference.

Payment Fees

Shipvine operates on a weekly billing cycle. Invoices are automatically emailed every Friday at 6 PM Eastern. Your credit card or bank account will be automatically charged on the following Tuesday with a grace period until Friday at 5 PM eastern. Accounts not paid within the grace period are automatically placed on credit hold preventing further order processing.

Bank draft payments and prepayments via check or wire have no fees. All credit card payments are charged a 2% convenience fee. The fee for returned payments is $25.

Pricing and information subject to change. Your actual pricing may vary. Some pricing is for new customers only. Updated 1/15/2022

Question and Answers Chat

Common questions about pricing

I'm a small shipper, Do you have any minimums?

Yes, there is a $250/minimum spend per month; however, we do offer a ramp up period. The minimum includes all inbounds, storage, fulfillment, and shipping.

Does the fulfillment rate include the noon cut-off?

Yes, the price includes the noon Eastern cut-off for orders less than 30 units. We do have options after noon for same day shipping at an additional cost.

If I send you 5,000 items how much will the receiving fees be?

No charge if you follow the guidelines above.

Does the fulfillment price include shipping?

No, shipping is extra. We offer most services from FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL. You can bill to your account or use our discounted rates, which vary from service to service.

How much is the expedited check-in?

This service is based on demand on the warehouse and the size of the inbound shipment, so pricing changes throughout the day. It starts at around $25 for a smaller shipment.

Why don't you charge by the pallet or bin like other warehouses?

Charging by the pallet or bin is a good way to charge you for space you're not actually using. We charge per unit, so you're only billed for what's being used, which is more fair pricing.

My items are larger so storage seems high. Why is that?

We're a small package fulfillment company specializing in smaller items, such as clothing and consumer goods. We shy away from larger products as they cost more to store, pick, package and ship.

If I use my own custom packaging is there an extra charge or discount?

There is no additional charge for using your own boxes or bags, however, there is not discount either. When you use your own shipping bags and boxes, it adds to the complexity of the fulfillment, thus offsetting the cost of the packaging.

This rate is higher / lower than what I currently pay, why is that?

We have priced our service to give you advanced technology, top notch customer service, same day shipping and accuracy rates of 99.99% or better.

I'm a Kickstarter or one-time shipper, do you do that?

Yes, we do one-time shipments, but shipments must be prepaid.